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CIS - Industrial & Food Production

Our new look store will be opening to click and collect customers only from 3rd August

To pre-order goods either call 01726 74264, or email sales@cisafety.com or order online


COVID-19 UPDATE - We are working hard to supply those who need urgent supplies of PPE. Click here to read our full coronavirus update


5 Great reasons to use CIS...

  1. A Service Second to None: our dedicated staff are on hand and on time. We go the ‘extra mile’ – but never lose sight of the objective.
  2. Solutions that Work: Answers that are both proven and practical, based on feedback from the furnace of today’s business environment and seasoned with the knowledge from over 50 yrs of trading.
  3. Products that Perform: daily, weekly, monthly, as long as you expect them to. We source exhaustively and then test extensively to ensure that you get value for every pound you spend, and the user gets ease of operation, reliability and comfort. Which means they’ll want to do more for you, too.
  4. Our Guarantee: Don’t just take our word for it: we point to 50 yrs of service, countless satisfied customers and a tireless quest for innovation and improvement. We aren’t changing course now – that’s our guarantee.
  5. A Complete Package: that, in a nutshell, is CIS. Look no further for a supplier that has the products, the service and the knowledge to embrace your industry and support your business on the road to greatness.

Opening times

Day Open to Collect Office Open
Sunday Closed Closed
Monday 10am - 2.30pm 7.30am - 4.30pm
Tuesday 10am - 2.30pm 7.30am - 4.30pm
Wednesday 10am - 2.30pm 7.30am - 4.30pm
Thursday 10am - 2.30pm 7.30am - 4.30pm
Friday 10am - 2.30pm 7.30am - 4.30pm
Saturday Closed Closed

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Buyer, Cornwall Glass Group
Shortly after Cornwall Glass was formed some 15 years ago I started dealing with yourselves as a Supplier I don't believe in all those years whatever I have asked for - however obscure! you have never let me down - I'd like to think that we have quite a unique relationship thank you very much
Site Manager, International Minerals company
Special note - Amelia has done a great job this year for our site, quick, efficient, good follow-up and courteous, everything you need at the customer interface.
Purchasing, Food Manufacturer
After our BRC audit we received grade : A . I`m really happy, thank you for you and all the CIS team for your help.
Manager, Food wholesaler

You are amazing!!!!

Technical Manager, Seafood
A very good local company delivering a prompt and informative service. Excellent!
Health & Safety Manager, Waste Cleansing & Drain Clearing co
A company that always performs to the word "quality", helpful with innovations in PPE, guidance and support. A company that is a valuable asset to us as a supplier.

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