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  • 4 key pieces of workwear you need all year round

    Hopefully the worst of the winter is now behind us, but there are a few key pieces of workwear which can keep workers safe and comfortable throughout the year. Here’s a roundup of the clothing and accessories outdoor workers should invest in.

    1. UV Protective Eyewear

    It’s not just at the height of summer that we need to protect our eyes. In fact, UV rays can be more damaging to our eyes on cloudy days, due to a scattering effect on the light. Regular exposure to UV rays can cause a range of eye conditions including cataracts and AMD -- age-related macular degeneration.


    Terminator Safety Spectacles are available in a wide choice of frames with interchangeable lenses, including clear lenses or darker tints. From £6.35 Terminator Safety Spectacles are available in a wide choice of frames with interchangeable lenses, including clear lenses or darker tints. From £6.35


    Click here for a  full range of eye protection wear


    2. Breathable waterproof jacket

    In the UK having a waterproof that is lightweight and easy to have onhand at all times is certainly beneficial. Ideally the fabric will have taped seams and a stormflap to keep rain out and the fabric should offer good level of waterproof protection but also breathability, to help avoid getting too hot and moist inside the jacket.


    Regatta Packaway II Rain Jacket, Navy, £23.38 Regatta Packaway II Rain Jacket, Navy, £23.38


    This packaway rain jacket includes many features such as, Taped seams, Integral hood, Waterproof and breathable Isolite lightweight Polyamide fabric, Windproof, Studded stormflap with hook and loop, 2 lower pockets and Mesh stuff sack

    You can find good information on which waterproof jacket to choose for different working environments or occasions at the Regatta website.

    Workwear that is certified in accordance with EN 343 protects against rain and snow, lets the skin breathe and conducts moisture and sweat away from the body. Click here to find out more about this.

    3. Hi Vis clothing

    When working outdoors wherever there is traffic high visibility clothing can save lives. If you would like further guidance, the EN471 specification sets out safety standards based on your regular working environment..For details click here


    Hi vis executive jacket Hi vis executive jacket, £49.50



    4. Safe footwear

    Slips and trips cause nearly 40% of all serious accidents, but the good news is that around 50% of these can be prevented by good safety practice in the workplace and wearing safe, comfortable footwear. Safety boots are good for some work environments, and if a worker is on their feet for long stretches, the footwear should have a broad base and have a heel no higher than 2cm in height.

    Casecades waterproof safety boot, £79.02 Casecades waterproof safety boot, £79.02


    Take a look at our footwear range here: www.cisafety.com/footwear

  • How effective are your cleaning products?


    Close Up Of Worker In Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Down After Service

    Ensuring that a commercial workplace is adequately cleaned is both crucial and demanding. With staff using shared equipment, communal areas and washrooms, businesses need to take
    hygiene standards to a whole new level. Those businesses within the food industry face even more challenges.
    In these industries, it is helpful to understand how effective products are and to be certain that the products you are using are effective against the bacteria and viruses that you need to eradicate.

    Understanding the labelling on disinfectant products is important, particularly when vital information might be unclear due to marketing messages on the products. One of the most common terms to be found is that a disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs. In real terms, disinfectants which bear this label may not kill the specific variety of bacteria or pathogen you need killed.

    Disinfectants must list the microorganisms which a product has been tested for and found to be effective against on their label, as well as proper dilution and directions for use. There are many different formulations of disinfectant products which vary in chemical composition and efficacy claims (which germs they have been proven to kill).

    So how can you choose the best disinfectant and cleaning products for your business?

    Consider a few key factors:


    Disinfectants kill only select strains of germs. No disinfectant is capable of killing all germs found on a hard surface. The absence of all germs is referred to as sterilization and this cannot be achieved by using disinfectant solution alone. It is important to identify the key germs you need to eradicate and to select the best product to do that.
    Some types of formulations are particularly effective against bacteria commonly found in and around food preparation areas and it can be important to consider the kinds of foods you are
    working with and common pathogens linked to that food type.
    Seafood, for example can be host to bacteria including Vibrio, Salmonella, Shigella, and Listeria. Foodborne pathogens that affect meat, poultry, and processed egg products include V Bacteria, Bacillus cereus, Brucella species, Campylobacter, Clostridium botulinum, Clostridium perfringens, E. coli O157:H7 and other Shiga-toxin- producing E. coli (STEC), Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus and Yersinia enterocolitica.

    Trio 100 Food Safe Sanitiser Concentrate, 5L, £7.56 Trio 100 Food Safe Sanitiser Concentrate, 5L, £7.56

    TRIO 100 is an odourless, neutral sanitiser that is ideal for daily disinfection in the food industry. Effective against MRSA, Salmonella, E.coli and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Trio 100 kills
    99.999% of bacteria. Tested to BS EN 1276 at a dilution of 1:80 by an independent laboratory. Cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces safely. Use on a regular basis for cleaning and disinfecting the work surfaces, equipment, floors, and walls in kitchens, bakeries, meat
    preparation areas, breweries, shops, restaurants and canteens.

    D327 Food Safe Foam Cleaner & Sanitiser, 20L, £29.96 D327 Food Safe Foam Cleaner & Sanitiser, 20L, £29.96

    D327 cleans and sanitises in one operation and is specifically designed for use through a pressure washer or lance with a foaming attachment. A hypochlorite based, highly alkaline food plant cleaner, it incorporates a high foam formulation to produce a dense clinging white foam in application. Designed for use in food preparation, food handling and food storage areas, D327 is effective at removing carbonised deposits, dried grease and oil, blood and protein, and starch from plastic walls and ceilings, ceramic tiles, vinyl and plastic coatings, stainless steel machinery and equipment.


    Some disinfectants are not recommended for all surfaces. Bleach, for example can damage stainless steel and strongly alkaline disinfectants can damage floors and fabrics.

    Bactericidal Food Safe Foam Cleaner, 750ml Trigger Spray, £2.52 Bactericidal Food Safe Foam Cleaner, 750ml Trigger Spray, £2.52


    A ready-to- use, spray on cleaner and degreaser, which will kill Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria. Foam Cleaner is an odourless cleaner and sanitiser that will cope with a high level of
    soiling. Suitable for use on all water washable surfaces, the trigger spray application makes it easy to use and essential for sanitising awkward areas. Recommended for use in food hygiene areas to clean equipment; fridges and fridge seals, display cabinets, and chill areas.


    Do any of your staff or other people likely to come into contact with cleaning agents have skin or odour sensitivities to particular disinfectants?


    Do you need concentrated disinfectant which will be diluted? Ready to use wipes or an aerosol? Which products suit your business?

    Food Safe Probe Wipes, 200 Tub, £3.75 Food Safe Probe Wipes, 200 Tub, £3.75

    Blue antibacterial wipe in 13cm x 13cm size for cleaning probes and similar utensils. Eliminating cross contamination quickly and easily with one wipe over, these wet wipes are effective against
    gram positive and gram negative bacteria, viruses and fungi including H1N1, salmonella, listeria, e-coli, Staphylococcus aureus, c-difficile, MRSA, candida albicans, and aspergillus niger, with a kill rate of 30 seconds. They are tested and approved to European norms EN1276 bactericidal efficacy and EN1650 fungicidal activity and are ideal for disinfection of small to medium food preparation surfaces, weighing scales, microwave ovens, utensils.

    Ax Bactericidal Cleaner, 750ml Trigger Spray Ax Bactericidal Cleaner, 750ml Trigger Spray

    A fast-drying, spray on and wipe off bactericidal cleaner designed primarily for the food industry. Suitable for regular use on all hard surfaces to maintain clean and hygienic conditions. AX kills 99.999% of bacteria, and is tested to BS EN 1276 undiluted. AX is also effective against MRSA, Salmonella, E.coli and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Ideal for cleaning all water resistant surfaces,
    such as; glass, aluminium, stainless steel, rubber, ceramic, plastic and tiled surfaces. AX can be used to clean display cabinets, fridges and fridge seals, chill areas and food probes amongst many other applications.
    Many excellent options for disinfecting are available. Our team are always happy to offer advice and support to help you choose the best solution. Call us on 01726 742642 or email us at

Buyer, Cornwall Glass Group
Shortly after Cornwall Glass was formed some 15 years ago I started dealing with yourselves as a Supplier I don't believe in all those years whatever I have asked for - however obscure! you have never let me down - I'd like to think that we have quite a unique relationship thank you very much
Site Manager, International Minerals company
Special note - Amelia has done a great job this year for our site, quick, efficient, good follow-up and courteous, everything you need at the customer interface.
Purchasing, Food Manufacturer
After our BRC audit we received grade : A . I`m really happy, thank you for you and all the CIS team for your help.
Manager, Food wholesaler

You are amazing!!!!

Technical Manager, Seafood
A very good local company delivering a prompt and informative service. Excellent!
Health & Safety Manager, Waste Cleansing & Drain Clearing co
A company that always performs to the word "quality", helpful with innovations in PPE, guidance and support. A company that is a valuable asset to us as a supplier.

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