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  • Why invest in corporate workwear

    The Benefits of Corporate Clothing

    Improving sales, staff performance, raising brand awareness… If you don’t already have uniforms or corporate workwear, there are a few good reasons to consider investing…



    1. Day to day promotion!

    It’s a well-known statistic that people have to see your company on average seven times before they make a purchase. Having your staff wear your branding gets your name and identity out to the wider world on a daily basis. Surveys reveal that simply using branded workwear is more effective than any kind of print or digital advertising.

    Do make sure your style of workwear re-enforces your company’s brand and identity. You can choose shirts, polo shirts or hoodies, for example, in our range of corporate workwear, to suit the nature of your work and the different roles of staff.

    See our corporate workwear range


    2. It’s helpful for staff


    Providing staff with uniforms prevents wear and tear on their own clothes and/or protects clothes (for example,  aprons or overalls). Having branded hoodies or polo shirts can also make it easier for staff to get the company ‘look’ right, reduces costs of of buying office wear and removes the stress and strain of those days when you just cannot find the right things to wear.


    Elka Waterproof & Breathable Thermal Coverall, £93.29 Elka Waterproof & Breathable Thermal Coverall, £93.29


    3. Health and safety


    If you need to invest in clothing to ensure health and safety of your staff, providing the right workwear is vital. jobs where the health and safety element demands a uniform. For instance, anyone working on roads or in other dangerous areas will require hi vis clothing. There are also many jobs which will require steel cap boots and if you work in food processing specialist kitchen uniforms and workwear to promote safety and hygiene are important. In many cases it is possible to have these items branded, making the work environment more professional and promoting your brand to anyone visiting the site.

    4. Improve staff performance

    Staff are more aware of their actions and how they behave if they are wearing a uniform of some kind. Whether they are working or out with colleagues, they know they are representing the company and studies show an improvement in customer service. Research also shows that when staff wear company logos, they feel more connected to their company and so an unexpected result can be improved staff loyalty.

    See our corporate workwear here.

    If you’d like help and advice in arranging corporate workwear please do give our experienced staff a call on 01726 742642 or email us on sales@cisafety.com

Buyer, Cornwall Glass Group
Shortly after Cornwall Glass was formed some 15 years ago I started dealing with yourselves as a Supplier I don't believe in all those years whatever I have asked for - however obscure! you have never let me down - I'd like to think that we have quite a unique relationship thank you very much
Site Manager, International Minerals company
Special note - Amelia has done a great job this year for our site, quick, efficient, good follow-up and courteous, everything you need at the customer interface.
Purchasing, Food Manufacturer
After our BRC audit we received grade : A . I`m really happy, thank you for you and all the CIS team for your help.
Manager, Food wholesaler

You are amazing!!!!

Technical Manager, Seafood
A very good local company delivering a prompt and informative service. Excellent!
Health & Safety Manager, Waste Cleansing & Drain Clearing co
A company that always performs to the word "quality", helpful with innovations in PPE, guidance and support. A company that is a valuable asset to us as a supplier.

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