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  • Introducing the new Instagate!


    When you need to safeguard and segregate pedestrians from workplace hazards or moving vehicles, or if you need to direct the flow of pedestrians for security and safety, pedestrian barriers are an ideal option.

    We’re really pleased to be offering the new Instagate by Armorgard which is the next generation crowd control barrier.

    • Instagate can be easily moved and deployed by one person.
    • It is available in 2 different heights (4ft and 6ft) with a unique latching system for adding additional modules to create any length.
    • It’s designed to be weatherproof and wind-resistant
    • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
    • Its unique rounded design allows it to be used with standard scaffold clamps for fixing to scaffold or turning corners.



    Made from strong, lightweight aluminium, the Armorgard mobile barrier is also designed for easy movement and secure placement. With its braked wheels and a unique latching system, InstaGate can extend to any length and be opened and fixed single-handedly. Once expanded and braked, InstaGate forms a highly visible red and white barrier. Multiple units can be easily locked together.

    All in all, it’s a multipurpose piece of equipment which is robust and designed for a wide range of settings and uses.


    Click here to find out more about Armorgard Instagate and see a video of it in use.

    Our customers want a product that is quick to order and quick to deploy,” says said Armorgard Managing Director Terry Mitchell. "InstaGate ticks both boxes."

    If you would like to talk to us about this new product or simply ask advice about pedestrian barriers and other ways of safeguarding the public and your workforce from workplace hazards, call us on 01726 74264 or email us at sales@cisafety.com

Buyer, Cornwall Glass Group
Shortly after Cornwall Glass was formed some 15 years ago I started dealing with yourselves as a Supplier I don't believe in all those years whatever I have asked for - however obscure! you have never let me down - I'd like to think that we have quite a unique relationship thank you very much
Site Manager, International Minerals company
Special note - Amelia has done a great job this year for our site, quick, efficient, good follow-up and courteous, everything you need at the customer interface.
Purchasing, Food Manufacturer
After our BRC audit we received grade : A . I`m really happy, thank you for you and all the CIS team for your help.
Manager, Food wholesaler

You are amazing!!!!

Technical Manager, Seafood
A very good local company delivering a prompt and informative service. Excellent!
Health & Safety Manager, Waste Cleansing & Drain Clearing co
A company that always performs to the word "quality", helpful with innovations in PPE, guidance and support. A company that is a valuable asset to us as a supplier.

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