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  • What do you need to keep your customer areas clean and safe?


    How to keep customer areas safe during COVID


    A step by step guide to ensuring areas such as takeaway collections or reception areas meet high hygiene standards to keep customers as safe as possible from the new COVID variants.

    While  Winter 2021 lockdown means that many businesses are closed to the public, many businesses are still offering takeaways or still receiving visitors in their reception areas.

    Here is a round-u of advice currently being offered to help businesses improve their COVID safety practices.



    Experts say that the second variant causes those who contract it to produce more of the virus in the upper part of their respiratory system, which means they breathe out more of the droplets which can cause others to contract the condition. The increase in these droplets can increase by up to 10 times, and this can happen even if the person has no symptoms such as a cough. It is therefore very important that all those working indoors wear facemasks whenever possible. The TUC is currently calling for the Government to bring in guidance on workplace face coverings to the WHO standard of three protective layers.

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    Add or increase signage helping and reminding customers to remain two metres apart

    Increasing the distance between customers and employees through signage or placement of fixtures and fittings is another way to reduce transmission of the more infectious second variant.


    It’s colder now, so we’re less likely to keep windows and doors open which can help to ventilate spaces and reduce the density of droplets in a space that is contaminated with the virus. Therefore it is important to ensure that rooms or spaces are well ventilated whilst remaining warm enough for employees and customers to sustain a comfortable body temperature. The CIBSE currently recommends a safety threshold for ventilation of indoor workplaces with outside air of at least 10 litres of outside air in offices per second per person.


    The new variant is also termed to be more ‘sticky’ due to a slight mutation in the protein which enters human cells. This means that someone touching an area that has been infected by the virus is more likely to contract the virus.


    Washing hands or using hand sanitizer more frequently can help to reduce the risk of anyone who has the virus on their hands from touching their nose, mouth or eyes which are the mucous membranes that are pathways to our throat and lungs. Given that studies show we touch our face on average 20 times each hour, increasing the presence of sanitizer and handwashing facilities is one way to help reduce the likelihood that touching a surface where the virus is present will translate into someone then touching their face before they have washed or sanitized their hands.

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    There are some great new wall-mounted dispensers now which can help you to increase the availability of hand sanitizer and wipes.


    Multi-purpose surface mounted dispenser bracket, £4.46 Multi-purpose surface mounted dispenser bracket, £4.46


    These dispensers which we now have available are very easy to mount as they are designed with flexible, strong adhesive foam that will not fail and which will adhere despite surface imperfections. Meanwhile, the adhesive will not damage any surfaces and velcro straps ensure the product is held very securely. They are available at a low cost, so are suitable for multiple applications.

    They are also designed to be easy to change when empty and can be used to dispense any sanitizer or wipe tub up to 100mm diameter with the standard Velcro straps supplied – they will even take soft packs of wipes.

    They can be used in vehicles, vans, machinery, on desks or walls, in corridors or by workstations.


    Face to face meetings between staff and customers, site visits or visits to or from suppliers should all be reduced to an absolute minimum. Ideally, a health and safety officer should review all activities which increase risk and consider ways to reduce face to face contact, through online communications or updated methods of collection or delivery so that the risk of these visits has now increased as a result of the more infectious coronavirus variant.


    If you would like more information or assistance in updating your COVID safety procedures and finding products that meet your needs, please contact our team on 01726 74264 or at sales@cisafety.com.

  • PPE for winter and cold environments 

    PPE for winter weather


    It’s important to stay dry, warm and comfortable when you are working outside during the winter, or in cold environments. It’s wise to invest in good quality PPE which will work well and last for a long time. Here is our guide to the key things to check when you’re buying and some great new products.


    Ensuring that workers are protected from extreme cold temperatures is an important safety consideration, with studies showing that accidents frequency increases by 35% in extreme high or low temperatures.

    This is because people working in extreme temperatures tend to behave in a more unsafe way and make poorer decisions. For example, a worker may take shortcuts if they feel too cold and need to get warm, or they may lose the ability to concentrate if feeling extremely cold.

    While providing PPE that can help to retain warmth, it’s also important to ensure that the products and fabrics are designed to avoid overheating and keep the body at the right temperature as heat stress can also occur if the only PPE available causes the person wearing it to feel too hot.

    Being aware of these risks and carrying out a clear and thorough assessment of the PPE that will best suit workers will  not only improve health and safety but also morale and productivity.


    Things to consider during assessment:


    Ambient temperature:

    How warm or cold is the surrounding air temperature. For example, we have been experiencing colder temperatures during the winter in recent years. Is there a need to reassess PPE available for particularly cold snaps.


    Wind: the wind chill factor can make the temperature feel much lower than the actual air temperature being measured. Fabrics and PPE that protect against this can help to improve what the HSE term as ‘Thermal Comfort’ how warm a worker actually feels.


    Visibility: With low light levels throughout the day, in poorer weather and shorter daylight hours, Hi Vis PPE is important to consider when choosing winter PPE.

    Humidity: very humid temperatures mean more sweat so it is important to ensure fabrics are breathable, so that moisture does not stay close to the body but can evaporate as easily as possible.

    Insulation: How much heat does PPE workwear retain and can the workwear be removed or adjusted easily to allow a worker to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Layering garments can help here.

    Physical activity: If we’re physically active, we generate more heat, so the PPE chosen will need to account for this, and you may need to provide PPE for work that involved lots of activity and rest periods when the body can cool very quickly.

    Individual circumstances: Factors including weight, age and medication can all affect how an individual reponds to cold conditions.

    Consider what work is done, and in what conditions but also monitor feedback from staff about whether workwear is warm enough or causes them to overheat.

    Things to consider when buying PPE for cold weather:


    Insulation: Does PPE offer a range of insulation and layers to ensure that workers can keep warm but adjust PPE either by removing or adding layers or adjusting the garments to maintain a comfortable body temperature.





    This faux fur-lined sweatshirt from our supplier ORN Clothing offers a high level of insulation and comfort. The fur retains tiny pockets of warm air to maintain body warmth. It also has durable stitching on all main seams to ensure it will retain warmth and last well as workwear. The zip and yoke at the neck can be adjusted to keep warmth in, or to cool down. The item also comes with matching polo shirt and soft shell to allow layering of workwear.



    SAUNTON, ISO 20471 Class 3 Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt Orange, £31.05 + VAT SAUNTON, ISO 20471 Class 3 Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt Orange, £31.05 + VAT


    Made with 50% cotton fabric, this high-quality Hi Vis sweatshirt is breathable and also made with 310GSM Diamond Quilt to ensure warmth. The ribbed cuffs and hem help to retain heat and it also comes with double fabric hood with zip cord. The quantity and quality of Hi Vis fabric and reflective tape means that it meets ISO 20471 Class 3, the highest standard for visibility workwear for employees working in high-risk environments.



    Protecting extremities is also important when choosing cold weather PPE.



    These windproof gloves are comfortable but also ensure excellent grip.

    Click here to see our full range of cold work gloves

    Click here for our range of hats and headgear

    If you would like more information or assistance in identifying your PPE needs and products which will meet your needs and your budget, please contact our team on 01726 74264 or at sales@cisafety.com.

Buyer, Cornwall Glass Group
Shortly after Cornwall Glass was formed some 15 years ago I started dealing with yourselves as a Supplier I don't believe in all those years whatever I have asked for - however obscure! you have never let me down - I'd like to think that we have quite a unique relationship thank you very much
Site Manager, International Minerals company
Special note - Amelia has done a great job this year for our site, quick, efficient, good follow-up and courteous, everything you need at the customer interface.
Purchasing, Food Manufacturer
After our BRC audit we received grade : A . I`m really happy, thank you for you and all the CIS team for your help.
Manager, Food wholesaler

You are amazing!!!!

Technical Manager, Seafood
A very good local company delivering a prompt and informative service. Excellent!
Health & Safety Manager, Waste Cleansing & Drain Clearing co
A company that always performs to the word "quality", helpful with innovations in PPE, guidance and support. A company that is a valuable asset to us as a supplier.

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