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  • Back to work guide: Keeping your business clean and safe

    concept of cleaning or disinfecting the office - a businessman c

    In our ongoing guides to get back to work safely, ensuring staff, customers and visitors are protected from COVID-19, this guide sets out key procedures and products to make sure your business premises remain as clean and sanitized as possible.


    Step 1: A key part of cleanliness and hygiene is tidiness. 

    Cluttered spaces, or areas which are difficult to get to to clean are naturally the places where germs tend to gather. Most businesses have had to move items such as desks and chairs to ensure that social distancing can take place. Remove any unnecessary items which clutter desktops or floor spaces so that it is easier to clean.


    Step 2: Identify key touch points in your business and clean these regularly. 

    Touch points such as door handles, communal kitchen surfaces, taps etc. should be cleaned with disinfectant several times each day, with a clear schedule and allocation of the staff member responsible for the cleaning set out. Ideally there will be a chart where regular cleaning of touch points can be recorded.

    You should also check how to clean equipment such as card payment machines safely, and ensure that the equipment is cleaned frequently.

    It is also helpful to supply hand sanitizer or hand washing facilities near commonly used touch points. Leaving doors open and adding signage to encourage staff to do the same can also be helpful.


    Step 3: Encourage hand washing at key times.

    For example, after eating, using the bathroom, or touching a door handle or using a card machine. Use signs and verbal and written guidance to inform and remind staff of these measures and ensure you have hand sanitizer or hand washing facilities in plentiful and convenient locations.


    Step 4: Have an end of shift cleaning procedure in place.

    Update your cleaning checklist for the end of each shift, so that desktops, phones, keyboards and other shared equipment or spaces are cleaned with disinfectant. Ensuring cleaning staff use gloves and aprons -- these are the measures which should be employed if someone using a space is reported to have COVD-19 so if cleaning staff are protecting themselves routinely, this will add a layer of safety to your procedures.

    Also ensure rubbish from individuals is placed in a plastic bag which is tied at the top at the end of each day.


    Step 5: Know who works where…

    You should have a record of which staff are working and the areas they are working in as a safety measure so that you can employ proper cleaning procedures if a staff member reports COVD-19 symptoms.  But also ensure that you keep a record of which areas cleaning staff come into contact with so you can cross check risk of contamination if a case is reported.

    Click here for full guidance on cleaning procedures if a case of COVID-19 is reported.

    Key products to help you keep your business clean:


    Disinfectant spray

    We have a range of disinfectant sprays which have been tested to ensure effectiveness against coronavirus, including this:



    AX Ultra is a proven virucidal/bactericidal disinfectant which is safe to use on all touch surfaces that are washable. Use daily to maintain clean and hygienic conditions.Virucidal activity against all enveloped viruses including Coronavirus, Influenza and HIV. Certified to BSEN 1276 and BSEN 14476. Chlorine free. * Due to a shortage of trigger heads these are sold only in 3's, you will get three bottles and one trigger spray head *

    Click here to see more disinfectant sprays and sanitizers


    Disinfectant wipes

    These can be helpful for surfaces and electronic items such as keyboards or phones. We have several options, but as with all our products, do contact our sales team who can advice when stock is available and help you identify the best products for your needs.






    Re-sealable package with 200 moist wipes that are good for all occasions.


    Click here to see more disinfectant wipes

    Alcohol gel

    Alcohol gel is helpful for ensuring hands are clean, particularly at key touch points or for workers who are regularly handling items touched by visitors or customers.


    Hygienic hand sanitiser gel for hand disinfecting that also feels great to use. - 70% formulation suitable for frequent use - contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E - no rinse hand rub - Specially formulated with moisturisers for a soft feeling


    Soap and dispensers

    Soap and water is a better option for handwashing when it can be made available.



    This luxury fragranced skin cleanser contains ingredients which deeply moisturise the skin. Suitable for use as a general skin cleanser in most commercial, institutional and industrial administrative applications. A mild and gentle cleanser which helps to protect the skin in the event of frequent hand washing.


    There is also this dispenser which goes with it…




    Click here to see soaps and alcohol gel hand sanitizers

    We also offer a wider range of pouches to go into dispensers, as well as ‘touch-free’ or automatic dispensers. Please contact us directly at sales@cisafety.com or call us on 01726 74264 for more information on these products.

    Cleaning equipment designed for enhanced hygiene.

    In addition to disinfectant sprays, concentrates and wipes and hand cleansing products, it is also important to ensure that cleaning equipment including mops, buckets and brushes are kept very clean. We have a range of excellent products, including our Vikan range, which is designed with smooth surfaces and detachable elements to ensure the handles, brushes etc can be kept very clean. They are also designed at a high standard to ensure they last well and offer good value and quality.


    Click here to see some of our hygiene tools


    If you would like advice or to make an order, do contact our sales team. 

    As you may be aware, stock levels deplete rapidly at the current time and our team can advise when stock is available and help you identify the best products to suit your needs. 

    Please email us at sales@cisafety.com or call us on 01726 74264 for more information.


  • Protect your hands this winter: skincare in cold weather

    closeup of a young caucasian man washing his hands with soap in

    Colder weather combined with spending more time indoors in heated environments can cause sore skin, particularly when you work with your hands.

    Dry, cracked skin on your hands is a particularly common complaint in winter, particularly for people who work in environments such as the food industry where hygiene is extremely important and you need to wash your hands frequently. This strips the natural oils of the skin and causes it to dry out.

    Focussing on preventing skin conditions like dermatitis and dry or chapped skin is the best option as prevention is better than cure!

    Here are a few quick tips to avoid sore hands this winter…


    The skin’s natural barrier to keep it protected and moist is a mixture of proteins, lipids and oils. If this is going to be weakened by frequent washing, then applying a barrier cream straight after washing hands is a good habit to get into and it’s more effective if you do this before you start to get dry skin.

    You’ll need to apply the barrier cream five or six times a day for this to be effective -- once a day just won’t be enough.

    When it comes to choosing the cream, seek out creams with emollients and humectants in them, and if in doubt, ask a pharmacist for their recommendation. If your hands are sore or dry, petroleum jelly is a reliable option for many, and you can put it on before bed with cotton gloves overnight to help moisturize the hands. Again, do pop in and ask a pharmacist for advice if you have very sore skin on your hands.



    In winter when there are far more bugs and viruses floating around, it’s important to have habitual handwashing in place before and after work. Surveys reveals that at least 40% of workers do not wash their hands often, or long enough, to protect against the spread of germs and yet research also reveals that simply washing your hands well and often can reduce your risk of sickness by up to 40%.

    It’s particularly important of course for those who work in the food industry with the FSA identifying worker failure to wash hands properly as one of the main reasons for the spread of the winter vomiting bug, the novovirus. Read more about the study here.


    AHA hand sanitizer


    Frequent use of hand sanitisers can help of course such as our fast drying AHA alcohol hand sanitiser


    Knowing how to wash your hands thoroughly and doing this habitually is also a really effective way to keep yourself healthy and to avoid sore hands too.


    Here are the basic rules of handwashing


    Put the soap on first: Many people wet hands before dispensing a dose of soap into a cupped hand, however for heavily soiled hands  it’s best to apply soap directly to the skin first.


    Rub, rub, rub: Then rub your hands as follows: Rub pam to palm; palm over back of hand, fingers interlaced, palm to palm, fingers interlaced,curl fingers together palm to palm, rub your thumb in small circles over each palm; rub four fingers, close together over each palm in small circles.

    Rinse and dry: Drying your hands thoroughly will help to avoid chapping, especially when it is cold. Use a clean towel as this cuts risk of bugs spreading.


    Click here to find hand hygiene posters for your workplace


    Click here for a  range of hand cleansing and skincare products on our website and call us on 01726 742642 or email sales@cisafety.com if you’d like to know more about what we offer and what might best suit your workplace.

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